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Exfoliate your Skin with Glycolic Peel

Are you looking to correct your skin discoloration? Are you wanting to improve the texture of your skin? Do you feel like you've tried endless products to combat your acne? If so, Dr. Suseela Narra of Narra Dermatology and Aesthetics in Issaquah, WA, believes a glycolic peel may be the answer to improving the appearance of your skin.

Familiarizing Yourself With Glycolic Acid Peels

Professional chemical peels aim to exfoliate the skin to improve the appearance of your skin, as well as boost your confidence with a healthy glow! The cosmetic treatment are typically offered in varying levels: light, medium, and deep strength.

Glycolic peels are at medium-strength, and consist of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that is naturally derived from sugar cane and other plants. Glycolic acid contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components.

Because the molecules are microscopic, the skin is able to absorb them efficiently—the depth in which the acid infiltrates the layers of the skin depends on the amount of acid in the peel. Glycolic acid is effective in extracting the fatty acids and natural oils that maintain dead skin cells occupying the surface of your skin.

Benefits Of Glycolic Peels

Glycolic acid peels are one of the most commonly used chemical peels amongst dermatologists, as glycolic acid has shown to improve several skin concerns, such as:

  • acne/acne scars—aiming to remove whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, deep cystic scarring, and even minimizes pore size
  • dark spots (also referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)—eliminates the excess melanin that appears in darker-toned patches
  • stretch marks—although stretch marks initially appear red or purple, they typically fade into white over time. Glycolic acid helps stimulate collagen production, eventually decreasing the appearance of stretch marks
  • wrinkling/fine lines—exfoliating with glycolic peels effectively removes dead skin cells, promoting new skin cell production that offers a rejuvenated appearance
  • minor sun damage—similar to the previous two concerns, glycolic acid encourages the new layers of the skin to repair itself, providing a healthy glow

Many people see immediate results after receiving a glycolic peel, but depending on the severity of your skin concerns, you may need to receive several treatments.

At Narra Dermatology and Aesthetics in Issaquah, WA, Dr. Narra offers careful attention and consideration when using glycolic peels—aiming to provide an enhanced appearance to your skin.

Knowing If A Glycolic Peel Is Right For You

Glycolic acid peels are safe for all skin types, but can see potential side effects when used improperly. A number of mild, at-home glycolic acid treatments have become widely available and are considered to be safe, but Dr. Narra encourages you to only use treatments from creditable brands.

If you're interested in learning more about how glycolic peels can improve your skin concerns in Issaquah, WA, give Narra Dermatology and Aesthetics a call today, at (425) 677-8867.

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