Is Botox the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

By Suseela Narra, MD
September 16, 2014
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Botox  
botoxSagging skin got you down? Sick and tired of crow’s feet and wrinkles making you look…well, sick and tired? While this might be a natural part of the aging process, it doesn’t mean that we can’t tweak the sands of time a bit to offer a more youthful appearance. Botox in Issaquah might just be the solution to your aging woes.
So what can you expect with Botox? Your Issaquah dermatologist is ready to answer all of your most popular questions regarding this revolutionary treatment.

What does Botox improve?

Do you have worry lines, smile or laugh lines, crow’s feet, or forehead wrinkles? Do you think they are a nuisance? If so, what if we told you there was a way to diminish these wrinkles and improve your skin? Botox in Issaquah targets these main problems by injecting a chemical known as acetylcholine into the skin, which stops the muscles from contracting and causing wrinkles.
If you have relatively shallow wrinkles and lines, then Issaquah Botox might just be what you’ve been looking for!

When will I see results?

The results appear rather quickly, with many people noticeably visibly younger skins within two to four days. These results also last about four to six months.

Can I get multiple treatments?

Yes, you most certainly can. In fact if you want your results to last longer, your dermatologist in Issaquah recommends coming back every few months. Some patients wait until the procedure has completely worn off, while others want to enjoy the continuous results and don’t mind the regular upkeep. The choice is up to you!

What is the procedure like?

Getting Botox in 98027 is fairly simple and straightforward. No need to worry about a drawn-out or complicated procedure. Botox is performed in our office everyday, and only takes about 10 minutes. Also, we are happy to report that anesthesia is not needed for this treatment.
Since there is no anesthesia and the treatment is quick, the appointment won’t disrupt the rest of your day. There’s no need to have someone pick you up from the doctors or call off work. Minimal downtime means you can go on enjoying your day just as it was. Botox in Issaquah, WA is really that simple.
Ready to join the 11 million men and women that have already experienced the wonderful results of Botox? If you’re in good general health and just looking for a way to revitalize your skin, then look to your Issaquah, WA dermatologist to turn back the hands of time. Call us today at (425) 677-8867.
Are you amazed at how much Botox has helped you? Tell us your before and after stories. We love to hear uplifting tales from our patients.