What Are the Benefits of Body Toning?

Get the toned body you want with the help of this painless cosmetic procedure. 

You want to feel confident showing off your body, whether you’re planning to relax by the pool or go somewhere tropical on vacation. Suppose you are feeling a little self-conscious about your appearance due to a little extra fat around the midsection, thighs, or arms. In that case, you may be wondering if you could benefit from getting body toning from our Issaquah, WA, dermatologist Dr. Suseela Narra.

Does This Sound Like You?

While nothing can replace a healthy lifestyle, we also know that even the cleanest diet and regular exercise don’t always remove all pockets of fat. The stomach is notorious for holding onto fat, and you may be frustrated that despite the work you’ve put into your diet and exercise routine, you still aren’t seeing the results you wanted. If this sounds like you, then body toning could be ideal. Our Issaquah, WA, dermatologist offers a revolutionary body toning treatment known as Emsculpt Neo that can eliminate unwanted bulges and fat to give you a slimmer and more contoured appearance.

What Is Emsculpt Neo?

This fantastic cosmetic technology combines two treatments—electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency—to burn away fat while stimulating muscle growth through contractions. Emsculpt even says that a 30-minute session is the equivalent of 12,000 sit-ups (certainly a lot easier and far less taxing to go through one of these painless Emsculpt sessions).

Emsculpt is a great way to get rid of unwanted stomach fat and build muscle. This treatment is performed once a week for four weeks. While the stomach is the most popular treatment area, we treat patients looking to tone up and lose fat in their thighs and arms. The benefits of Emsculpt are that it quickly and painlessly removes fat, improves muscle tone, and strengthens the core.

Does It Hurt?

The idea of doing 12,000 sit-ups might be making your abs hurt already, but we promise you that this isn’t anything like a grueling core workout at the gym. Once the device is attached to your body, you’ll feel a pulsing or vibration and gentle heat. It may feel like the abdomen is being pulled or tugged at like a magnet, but it’s not painful. Once you get used to the sensation, you may even find it soothing.

Narra Dermatology and Aesthetics is the premier dermatology clinic in Issaquah, WA, providing everything from body toning to anti-aging treatments. To find out if body toning is right for you, call us at (425) 677-8867 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Narra.

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